The right one is hard to find but if you’ve found one, you’re sure to find a keeper. But how do you know if the one you’re dating is good for you?
Here are 10 signs for you that can help you determine if you've found the one.

Top 10 Signs to Know If You’ve Found THE ONE

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Compatibility is one of the most important factors in determining if a date or mate is good for you. Do things flow naturally between you two? Do you feel bright and happy with them?
High compatibility rating is a very good sign. Be sure it’s one of the first qualities you tick off your list. Having similar interests doesn’t distinguish compatibility alone, it’s about whether you’re both fine with each other’s quirks and habits, and are both happy to compromise.
Having good compatibility will make enjoyable companionship and can make or break a healthy relationship.
Is there a natural spark between the both of you?
Do you feel that you just “click,” relate to each other well, and “get” each other naturally without trying?
Chemistry is the magic that happens when two people are deeply attracted to each other. Magnetized by each other’s qualities, gestures, and feelings of having found the one.
While chemistry is not the only basis of a healthy relationship, it is a good indicator of a deep emotional connection between two people, which often greatly helps in a relationship's longevity.
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Do you find yourself worrying about how you act, look and say when you’re around them? Or does letting them know everything about you feel right?
If you feel the slightest feeling of awkwardness or meeting to a certain unspoken standard, then chances are they may not be the best one for you.
You should feel at home when you're with them. No pretense nor fear of exposing trivial bits of yourself that you may find undesirable. It's a good sign that you most likely found your good mate when you can be yourself around them. But, it is advisable to take your time.
Trust should be built patiently, don't rush it. This is just one of the few steps you need to take to determine if the one you're with is the right one for you.
Are you with someone wherein people often ask if you two are in any way related? We're not talking about physical looks alone, but also with behavior and habits.
Do you generally look harmonious together? If so, you've found a keeper. Most couples with great chemistry and compatibility start to look familiarly.
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When you like someone, caring comes naturally. You'll know that your partner is a keeper when they also care for what you care about.
They don't have to get involved with your problems but still tries their best to help you out. They'll accept and understand your interests. They won't ask you to change, instead, they compromise.
Supporting your partner is not an obligation nor a responsibility. It has to feel natural, you should WANT to support them.
Find someone who will support you a hundred percent. Someone who will naturally support your moral standards and believe in what you can do. If your partner makes you feel like there's nothing you can't do, chances are you're with your future spouse.
Someone who deeply cares about you contributes happily to your well-being. They want you to be happy and have a great experience in life. They care about your future goals and what course you will take.
They will naturally encourage, nurture and help you get in the right track. They will support your need for a better change and will undoubtedly stay by your side. They will not force you to change, instead, help you in every step that you take.
girl hugs man while man carrying kitten in left hand
Wanting to be with someone we care or like is natural. You know that your partner is a keeper when they make time for you even in their busy days.
You don’t have to ask for it, they will naturally and happily share their time with you. And ultimately, you’ll never feel lonely.
When someone deeply feels for you, they’d fight for you. It can be as simple as speaking positively about you in front of family and friends. Or defend you to those who doubts you.
When things get tough, they won’t give you up without a fight. They will fight to have you in their life even if it meant a significant change.
They genuinely believe you are worth fighting for.
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You know you’ve found a keeper when they involve you with their plans...
When someone cares about you, they will naturally want to experience everything with you. Whether it’s traveling to the countryside, a camping trip during the weekends, or having a meal, they’d most certainly make plans with you.
Your presence to them is important. Important enough that your decision and plans make an impact to theirs.
For them, things are more fun and meaningful with you around.



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