10 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

True enough, finding true love is not as easy as counting one, two and three. It requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices to do. Thus, if you have found it already, bring it up to the next level by asking her that magical question.

In proposing, you have to consider few things--- from buying a beautiful ring up to choosing a special venue for your proposal. But not just that! After buying a ring and asking permission from her parents, get ready with your proposal speech. Be sure that your speech is something that talks about how rough you have been together and how you fought hard to surpass it all. After doing such, think of a special location to do your plan.

You will have to expect that the story of how you propose to your girlfriend will be told to her entire family, friends and even strangers. Thus, make the best out of it! Here’s the advice: put a spin into your own marriage proposal to make it more unique, romantic and memorable. In this way, the story of you popping the question will always be remembered. 

If you are confused with tons of ideas, here are few of the marriage proposal ideas that might help you in making your engagement proposal plans. Take these into consideration:

1. You may choose a favorite place to ask that magic question. It’s either her favorite place or your desired venue--- a place that has a personal significance for both of you. It might be beside a fountain, a national park, or even at the street with thousands of eyes watching. To make it more unique, you can just ask somebody to take a picture for the both of you. However, instead of posing, surprise your fiance-to-be by dropping down on one knee and ask the question.

2. In an oceanarium, you can ask the divers to put on an engagement proposal show inside the biggest aquarium. You can give them a waterproof sign that says “will you marry me?” to hold up after the show. Make sure she is clueless when you ask her on a date at the oceanarium. When the said sign is being held up against the glass, position yourself with a ring on hand. Look at her reaction and wait for the answer. You can also ask somebody to film the entire proposal.

3. You can also hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal question for everyone around to see. invite your soon-to-be fiance to an open-space field for a walk. For a more unsuspected move, you can ask her to do either a jogging or sunset viewing. Then, wait for a perfect timing to give the skywriter a go signal. 

4. Gather your close friends and family for an intimate party. Let everyone wear a T-shirt bearing one of the letters in the phrase “will you marry me?”. Make sure it is not glaring enough for your fiance-to-be to notice. Then, while the party is going on, suggest a group picture to reveal the message.

5. You can spell the phrase out using glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Do this while she is away, of course. Wait for her to get into bed, so you can turn off the lights and wait for her gasp. While she is still recovering for what she has read, kneel with one knee beside the bed and wait for her answer. This idea is perfect for those men who are looking for home engagement ideas.

6. On a normal day, you can buy her a pet and tie the ring around its neck. Choose the pet you have always been wanting to get together. Let the pet walk toward her while she is busy doing her thing. When she notices it and the ring around its neck, kneel in one knee and drop the question.

7. You can either add a recorded audio to her playlist or a recorded video on her phone. It is more like a message. You may start by telling her how much she means to you or enumerate those obstacles you have gone through together. At the end of the speech, ask her the question “will you marry me?” That will be very touching. Just make her listen to a new song or whatever, then surprise her with the next audio to play, which is the one you’ve recorded.

8. Fill her room with photo memories of the both of you. You can either hang them from balloons or cover the walls with those pictures for a more jaw dropping surprise. If you want to, you may write out the question on the wall or you can just kneel down right then and there and ask her directly.

9. Pick a spot for a summer stargazing. Tell your girlfriend to have a stargazing under the moonlit night and then wait for the timing to propose under the night sky. It would be perfect if there’s a meteor shower or even an expected lunar eclipse. It will make the scene more romantic.

10. You can propose in a flower or botanical garden when everything is in bloom. Walk with her at the flower-filled area and pop the question under the falling petals.You can ask your family to stay hidden, film the scene and come out after she said ‘yes’ to celebrate it together.

Now that you are given with few ideas as to how to propose to your girlfriend, it’s time for you to choose which one you wanted to do and tweak any of them if you want to. When you are ready to do so, plan it out now and get ready for a new love and a new chapter in life. Make a happy-tears-inducing engagement proposal you would ever have!


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